An upfront admission: After 30-odd years as a shooter, I have never - until this past spring, with the purchase of a MD2/MB1 - used NiCads in any of my equipment.

So, my question: Do NiCads discharge of their own volition? If so, how quickly? Why do I ask? As soon as I picked up the aforementioned drive, I charged up the batteries, bolted on the drive, and went out shooting the same evening. After shooting a couple of rolls, I set the camera aside for a spell (as I mentioned in another post, I rotate through my various bodies over the course of the year). For most of the past several months (excepting the Highland Games in Victoria and the Calgary Stampede), I have spent the bulk of my time shooting black and white (PanF Plus, of course) landscape work with the Blads. This weekend past, I went to grab the F2AS to shoot the Anomie Festival at SFU; to my surprise, the batteries were near death! Is this typical, or is it rebuild time?