Hmm thanks guys, ok so after hearing all this, and considering my options, I think I would rather NOT have one that adjusts in size, too much to go wrong is ultimately what I'm hearing. And I don't really care that much about the other sizes. I do like the 6x17 look and I've seen those backs that have bellows so the image can go past the 4x5 width, but it's not that important to me, and the cost of the custom frames go up enormously in 1x3 ratio.

I do understand why the horseman could be the best choice reliability wise.

I still want to consider the cambo/calmut type though, it's just so appealing.

I don't care about weight at all, and I don't care about "difficulty in loading film" I don't seem to struggle as much loading film like others do, they say the Mamiya RZ67 backs for example are hard to load, but easy for me, same with others so I feel like its not something to worry shoot.

I do care about functions without breaking, and film flatness and light leak issues.

So something about the sinar can cause light leak?

And what else?

You guys are so helpful, I ask twice sometimes because there's the "I heard" info, and the "I've experienced first hand" info and sifting through it to understand fully is my plan.

Also, the cheap Chinese ones that sell on ebay hiYo or whatever it's called (using the phone app I can't get out of this message to look now), they don't slip under the ground glass they are like the horseman as far as I can tell.

Finally, if anyone wants to sell me a horseman or cambo/calmut for a ridiculously low price that will change my mind about which is better

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