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An upfront admission: After 30-odd years as a shooter, I have never - until this past spring, with the purchase of a MD2/MB1 - used NiCads in any of my equipment.

So, my question: Do NiCads discharge of their own volition? If so, how quickly? Why do I ask? As soon as I picked up the aforementioned drive, I charged up the batteries, bolted on the drive, and went out shooting the same evening. After shooting a couple of rolls, I set the camera aside for a spell (as I mentioned in another post, I rotate through my various bodies over the course of the year). For most of the past several months (excepting the Highland Games in Victoria and the Calgary Stampede), I have spent the bulk of my time shooting black and white (PanF Plus, of course) landscape work with the Blads. This weekend past, I went to grab the F2AS to shoot the Anomie Festival at SFU; to my surprise, the batteries were near death! Is this typical, or is it rebuild time?
NiCad's are very finicky. The only thing they are good for is very high discharge current (similar to the cold cranking amps rating in car battery). Other than that they don't have nearly as much capacity as NiMH, high self discharge rate, memory and usually goes bad in a few years the most. So in your case if you want to run your MD at high speed then rebuild the batteries with new NiMH cells. Otherwise use AA alkalines which are much more reliable but the MD-2 won't run at top speed with AA and does require the MN-2 to run at top speed.