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The Sinar holders use a separate cassette to hold the film spools, and you have to manage the insertion of that into the body of the holder together with threading the film over a very long U-shaped path. For my taste it's fussier than the small backward-curling inserts that are the usual standard for interchangeable medium-format backs. It's awkward in the field, and there's a lot more surface area to keep clear of dust and grit. If you lose the cassette the holder is useless. OTOH, if you acquire extra cassettes, you can load them in advance and slightly speed up the process of changing film.

I owned a C2N in 6x7 format. The internal construction was pretty chintzy. If you care about printing full frame with border (I did at the time, less so now), know that the design of the film gate produced three crisply-defined edges and one fuzzy one. Take Dan's good advice and exercise your Google skills on this before you take the plunge.
I do google stuff, but a lot of times I get photo.net info which can be hard to manage what's real and what's not, that's why I'm part of THIS community, cause you guys know stuff for realz.... haha

Thanks, it sounds like, though I wanted to get the slide in versions, that ultimately the horseman is the way to go, hence why many go that rout.... guess I can't take the path less taken this time...