Howdy folks,

So I just picked up a nice used Nikon FE and I really like the camera. First thing I did was replace the batteries. 2 new 1.5v lr44s then I went out and shot in high contrast daylight but when I got the roll processed (b&w) I noticed the negatives were maybe 2 stops under on all the pictures. I've since then checked the FE's meter against my seconic and my dslr and sure enough the FE's needles seem to want to underexpose by at least a stop under most situations.

I'm assuming this could be attributed to aging as this particular SLR was manufactured in 1980? Other than the issues with the meter it works like a charm. Shutter functions well and the ai coupling ring is in good shape.

Anyway, I'm wondering if it would be a bad idea to just keep the camera's exposure compensation at -2 (for overexposure) at all times and just meter normally? Anyone done this?