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It seems to me that you need to choose one option and deal with the consequences. Please don't think that I'm having a go at you by saying this; it just seems to me that you're dithering, waiting for some ray of light to hit you. If it hasn't yet, I doubt that it is still coming!

As for the consequences, what's the worst that can happen? You get, say, a Sinar and it doesn't suit you. Just sell it again, and suffer any financial loss. Or, buy a Chinese one at a cheaper price and do a decent review on it. Again, if it's crap, sell it.

On the other hand, you just might find the right option for you and you're on your way!

I can only reiterate that I have found the Chinese ones easy to use and excellent in their results.
Thanks, the reason for my pause is simply that it took me 6 months to save and find a good deal on a 4x5... so it will take me that long to afford a horseman I think (which is what I've settled on after reading all of this and other things on the net) so I don't want to have to buy something, just to be frustrated with it... I try to be an informed buyer, not a guinea pig