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As long as you're going as far as 70mm, 127 and 220 then why not shoot the moon and make millions of us older camera folks happy and run 620 too. There are tons of 630 cameras out there and I, for one, would buy 620. I've got some honey cameras in 620 that are fantastic. My Kodak Medalist will match any 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 camera made today. The Kodak Monitor 620, Kodak Reflex I & II, Kodak Duo, and the Chevron are just a few Kodak's. Plus, there are thousands of other 620 cameras out there. It cost no more to make 620 film than it does to make 120 and it always pissed me off that since Kodak created the "bastard" size they didn't keep a small stock available. Maybe that's the kind of thinking that got kodak into trouble in the first place? When Kodak stopped the 616/116/620 production I boycotted them and never bought a roll of B&W Kodak film for many years. Of course I must confess that I still continued to use Vericolor 160 for weddings. So I guess that makes me a hypocrite! JohnW
620 can easily be respooled from 120, not as much need for that, in fact, I had a bunch of 620 that I took off and put on 120 spools because I don't own any 620 cameras HAHA, sorry if that's a dig in that we could have traded, but it really is easy to re-spool the 620 stuff, as long as you have one 620 spool you're good.