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It's all about whether they can sell enough to make it worth doing. I was buying 116, 616, 620 and 828 long after all cameras that took those sizes were out of production. But I only used the cameras occasionally, and that's the issue. So I could understand it when they went- I was glad they were around as long as they were. Lots of companies (especially these days) do not support old products even if they could do it without losing money. They don't want to bother with it.
There are numerous threads here on APUG about respooling 120 onto 620 cores, easily found through using the search box. Some people have even modified 620 cameras to take 120 film, which would probably vary a lot in difficulty depending on the camera model.
yea, the 70mm is good for 116/616 as well, and 828 can just be respooled from 35mm and same with 620 as you said respooled from fresh 120. 127 on the other hand... I love my Yashika44, really want it to last a while, I did buy into the Ilford ULF run so I'll have 22 rolls of 127 to shoot this year all fresh HP5+ but it would be nice not to have to roll it myself, or at least have fresh backing paper, right now I'm working off 4 rolls of fresh backing paper, and 6 rolls of really brittle scraped up backing paper, and I don't do well with cutting my own backing paper, so that's out...

Anyway, just a dream

PS I have one roll of 828... I think it's Kodachrome II ... lol