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Well guys, 620 is my main beef. Oh it would be nice to haul out my beautiful Kodak 3A and shoot those huge negatives again (many folks here don't even know what I'm talking about). Just like having a roll film 4x5. Or the 616/116 , but I realize there is a film size slitting problem there. Not with 620! Same film width, paper backing etc. Only the spool is different and I'm sure some cheap Chinese plastic plant could poop those out for almost nothing. What I'm saying is is if you want to sell more film in a dwindling market then sell more damn film and I believe a roll of 629 film still constitutes a roll of film. It's not like the other sizes where the slitter has to be setup and paper has to be specially made. Like StoneNYC says all you have to do is repool! So, 620 is already made, but just on the wrong spool. I'm sorry, if I were in the film business and that businesses well being was depended on the volume of film it sold, I would be looking for every way I could do just that. Of course you don't want to create a new high-cost overhead by retooling, but with 620 you don't have to.
BECAUSE IT'S ALREADY BEING MADE! You would not want to make 3 million rolls, but make some just to get the feel of the market. Then you could gauge your production to that. If it doesn't sell then stop spooling 620 altogether. You are noting out since all the film and backing paper was 120 anyway. Oh, if you have some left over 620 spools just dump them on eBay 'cause they are going for as mush as a roll of film anyway.
As for me? I re=spool 620 all the time and it's no problem, but it sure would be easier just to place my order with B&H, Adorama or Freestyle. Do I think it will happen? Heck no! Why, because these companies nowadays do not think out of the box. Then they act puzzled when things keep going downhill. Or worse yet they don't act like they care at all about the company and ride it down the hill while they milk their fat paychecks. Happens all the time and I have more than a few friends who have paid the price for that. Just my stupid opinion I guess, but I'm sticking to it! JohnW
Ilford just had 122 as an option in their ULF run this year, not enough people ordered it so it was the only one that didn't get ordered... I think the minimum for that was 10 rolls and only 4-6 got ordered in total, they were of course about $220-$260 per 50 foot roll, but still, if you want it bad enough, buy 10 to guarantee the order...

Also, you can buy 620 spools fresh in ... Provia 100f, Velvia 100f, E100G, Portra160, Tmax100, Tri-X Pan, and Tmax400 ... so stop your complaining... the work is already done for you.... sheesh! go buy some spools...