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I honestly didn't think they still sold NiCd's anymore, thought everything was NiMH or Lion based... hmmm someone's been shopping at the dollar store...

Go get some Energizer or Duracell NiMH's I use those for my flash for weddings and they take a lot of heat and last me about a year or two, and their chargers actually tell you when the battery is dead and you throw it out..

The NiCads in question are the (Nikon) MN-1s that came with the MD2/MB1/MH-1 set that I stumbled upon back in April. This was the set I mentioned in my WTB posting at that time. Having apprehensions about their ancestry, with no prior experience with NiCads, and lacking the original MS-1 set, I immediately began looking for a pair (I have since found and purchased a set and am now looking for a second pair for another MD2/MB1 drive for an F2A body).