More great cards in the mail:

"Backlot in Vegas" by Peter Schrager and "Pump House Graffiti" by Matt King-- two very different but interesting images of abandoned or forgotten areas.
"Airport Security" by anikin and "Korean Mask" by MaximusKlaudius -- two great images from Japan's nearest neighbour, somewhere I've yet to go (but will in October!).
The ravages of time have been nicely captured by RedRockCoulee with "Weathered Pillars" and by Steelbar with "The Boat Building Shed". Great textures and tones in both.
bluejeh2's somewhat (dog?)-looking "Tree Monster" is a stark contrast to bluejeh's delicate "Hedy's Vase".
Trond's "Shore" makes feel me feel like a journey is just beginning.
kraker's beautiful cyanotype of "Old Chestnut Tree" is gorgeous. My cyanotype blues don't seem as rich as yours. Great work!

It also appears that Steven Frizza has sent his cards out, but I have yet to receive one (could be the post though...).

Looking forward to getting everyone else's cards!