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Did you know that Kodak Elite Chrome 100 is rumored to be the "Agfa-Photo" branded CT Precisa 100? This film is the version Agfa-Photo supplied after the real German CT Precisa 100 stocks ran out, Now Agfa-Photo is using Fujichrome for their CT Precisa 100 branded film.

I bought 20 rolls of the Agfa-Photo CT Precisa 100 slide film back in 2007, it really does look like Ektachrome! The Lomography X-Pro 100 purchased at the same time is absolutely identical to the EliteChrome/CT Precisa.

My original German made CT Precisa 100 rolls are now pushing 10+ years of age and look a bit yellow, just a bit, not like the bad CR-200, these rolls are now used for cross processing, nothing cross processes like the original German Agfa slide film! A good lab is easily able to balance the color such that you won't have a strong green, blue or yellow cast, IMO one cannot beat the original German Agfa slide film for cross processing, it is just the best!

Someone ought to try Cross processing Wittner Chrome 200D, it may be really good.
I dont think that rumour is true about Elitechrome being rebranded Presica, which all new Presica stock is actually fuji Provia as you mentioned.

My supply of elitechrome is actually dated 2007 anyway, so i doubt its not from kodak.
Still shoots fine being kept frozen.