The poster citing the loss of Reala and Superia 400 in 120 may be basing this on the latest announcement on the AP website dated Friday 26th July which quite clearly states that both of the above have ceased production. The fact that there are 5 links to retailers who hold existing stocks of such film does not in itself invalidate the poster's assertion.

If AP has been told that Reala and Superia 400 in 120 has ceased production then this would seem to be a good source of information.

There seems no end to the Fuji discontinuations. Sounds like Michael Corleone's announcement of the end of the other heads of the five families in NY after he had arranged their demise

The Fuji U.K. website still doesn't carry an announcement on the loss of Neopan and Provia let alone anything on Superia 400 and Reala in 120 despite an assurance I received from a spokesperson there a few days ago that something would go on the website

Is Fuji U.K. so demoralised that it cannot be bothered to keep customers informed and its website up to date? It certainly looks like it. Maybe the spokesperson is too busy working on his CV in preparation for his own departure.