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OH, yes the old NiCad's that were camera specific are rough stuff... I have a Canon 1V with the battery grip, and I had 2 batteries and one wouldn't hold a charge, and the other worked well until it exploded on me leaking acid everywhere... after that I just decided to go without the grip, or insert the special AA adapter cartridge that it came with. That's more useful anyway, I can use my Energizer NiMH batteries in it and plus I can travel anywhere in the world and still have juice as AA's are everywhere ... I'm not familiar with Nikon but if you can get one of those AA cartridges for the Nikon I suggest doing that, if not, I'm sorry but at least for the time being you have a battery that works even if it needs to be recharged often. Just make sure you charge it to full, but then don't over charge it for very long (over an hour) once it's at full capacity, that will let you keep it going the longest, and don't discharge it fully, once it's down to 10% or so, make sure to recharge it fully, the old batteries are the opposite of new ones, whereas with LiIon batteries you're SUPPOSED to discharge them fully, but not NiCad batteries.

I will give the set another charge and use them until they are completely drained to determine their actual longevity under regular usage. If the set won't hold a charge for a "reasonable" load, I will either send them in for a rebuild (numbers on the pair indicate a manufacture of 04/78) or press the set, with charger, into service as a paper weight.