My 13-year-old son loves slide film. He claims he doesn't like B&W but I've given him some of the B&W prints that I've shot and he likes those (it's usually of his bird or one of the dogs). My 16-year-old daughter shoots mostly Kodak C-41. She likes the look of B&W but I've not yet convinced her to load any into her camera.

I went to a family reunion today and showed some of the older folks my Imperial Debonair camera that takes 620 film (I didn't have any loaded in it, sadly). When they asked if you could still get film for it I said "They don't make 620 any more but 120 is the same size just different spools, so I buy 120 and respool it." They thought that was pretty cool.

I'd love to get a Rolleiflex or a Rolleicord TLR just to see the what looks I might get. Darn budget won't budge!!