Dear all,

Thanks for all good advices.

So i printed on friday night, waited midnight ti be ready.

Indeed the temperature was very high. I managed to get some prints and i would say that i am quite happy.

It s more than a year that i switch from an appartement to another place and it's the first time that i was able to print again.

Anyway many thanks for your help. So i developped the paper fully. I think i will have to adjust the exposure when i will print again in cooler times.

Here is my first print in my new darkroom. Nothing extraordinary but i wanted to print it becaus i have some nice blacks, whites and a lot of greys.

Grade 2, 10s. At f11


The other one is difficult to print because the contrast is high. Perhaps will need to try with filter less than 2 and another developper (i heard and see that eukobrom gives deep blacks and good contrast)


Sorry for the snapshots taken with my phone.