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Usually people tend to leave me alone about shooting film. One of the guys at Glazer's Camera used to try to get under my skin about how he could fit tons of shots on one CF card, but he finally did stop after I posted about it five years ago here. Guess word circulated around enough to get to him.
Gotta wonder about some of those sales guys sometimes. When I lived in Arizona in '85-86, I was trying to decide whether to go for a full new Nikon, Canon, or Pentax system or hang onto my used F2.

I was in a large, maybe the largest, camera store in Phoenix. One salesman kept saying to me and others, "Why would you buy new stuff now? In ten years it's all gonna be digital!" This in '86! I just said to him defensively, "Why should I wait ten years? I can get a lot of use out of a camera in ten years!" After a couple of times of this I figured screw it, why should I give money to someone who doesn't want to sell me what I want? Just bizarre. I mean, if he'd said autofocus, it at least would not have been so off-the-wall.

I ended up buying another F2 in Tucson for $400 and being done with it. Though I did drool over the LX, and now I have one. But I wish I'd never sold those F2's. Both had plain prisms, and were just so nice.