I've never saw much reason for stand development but figured I'd try it, just to say I've done it. I was absolutely amazed by the results. Relatively fine grain, and very impressive tonal range. And we're talking about Tri-X pushed to 1600. This is the procedure I followed which I saw on RFF:

1) Several minute water bath.
2) Rodinal at 1+100.
3) Temperature not important, unless very cool or very warm.
4) Pour in developer and vey slowly invert the tank, e.g. about 20 inversions in 60 seconds.
5) 120 minute total development time,
6) Every 30 minutes slowly swirl the tank (no inversions) for 15 seconds.
7) Pour out developer and give three water baths
8) Fix and wash as normal.

It worked for me, and I gotta say that I was impressed with the results. I will be using stand development more in the future.

Jim B.