I am looking for a very clean Kodak Ektar Wide Field 100mm F6.3 to trade with a reputable forum member against any of the following:

  • G-Claron 150mm f9 in all black Copal B shutter Serial#14 353 890, Caps, Retaining ring, B+W Step-up ring 35.5mm to 49mm OR
  • Caltar II-N = Sironar-N 135mm f5.6 in black Copal 0 Serial 10985423, Retaining ring, Caps, 40.5 to 52mm conversion ring OR
  • Schneider Xenar 210mm f 6.1 in Copal 1 (silver ring) Serial 13 857 267, Retaining ring, Caps, 46 to 52mm conversion ring

All the lenses are in excellent condition with unblemished glass.