Whenever I push Tri-X, I stand develop in Rodinal 1+100. Honestly, I only ever stand develop these days. It works, it has always been consistent for me over the last entire year, and I really like the results I've gotten. What matters the most is what kind of process you like to use and whether you like the results.

I get really good shadow detail in good light, and I don't get that much grain (compared to other people's stuff posted online, at least).

Here's a couple examples:

The first was developed for 1'40" with no agitations, and the second for 1'30" with a single agitation halfway.

A ~3" prewash sounds fine to me. I prewash/soak for way longer than necessary—usually 5-10 minutes. This is usually accidental. lol.

The devil is in the details, though, so here are a few tips. First, keep your water cool/cold if possible. I've read this helps with grain size, but I'm not sure about that. Second, be careful with the agitations. If you agitate one too many times, you'll lose that compensation effect.

Hey Gerald, why so upset? Why call anyone a "twit" at all ever? We're just trying to have fun with chemicals and film. :/