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CT Precisa was rebranded Elitechrome 100 until Kodak stopped production. I've used quite a few of them.
Yes quite possible, i do remember reading about this, sorry i was confused with the last post, i thought it was suggesting that Elitechrome was rebranded AGFA film!

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Nzoomed - I am actually really looking forward to shooting some of the film once i get it. Your results look very promising. There is a distant echo of a kodachrome-like colour palette. I also think making a Flickr group for this film is a great idea!

It would interesting to compare the 200D against provia in terms of grain and film speed. What stops me from using provia more is the cyan cast that occurs in the shadows in daylight. I prefer to shoot without compensating filters.

I do miss my kodak quite alot, mainly with the grain more than anything, personally i dont see any real difference between Ektachrome and this AGFA stock, other than the grain, i want to test it on some reds etc and see how it really does compare to Kodachrome.