I try to support my local camera shop. I can't afford to spend much, period, but I always try to buy a couple of rolls of film at least when I stop in. The shop, however, is an exercise in frustration. Most of their display space on the sales floor is devoted to photography periodicals, frames, tripods and bags. What few cameras they have, digitals included, are stuck behind a glass wall case, and they don't even attempt to make an enticing display of even Nikons or Leicas, although they advertise they're an authorized dealer of those two companies. Chemicals, papers, straps, plastic sleeves, seamless paper, and mounting materials are stuck in a second side room that customers may not realize is accessible to them. Students from the local universities buy their products, yet they don't have a single Holga, Diana, or any such Lomography-minded product that might entice the younger or more casual demographic. I really don't see how they continue to stay in business, especially since they have a staff of four.