Unlike Tom duffy, I find myself using slower and slower film in all formats.

I am rarely in a hurry, mostly use a tripod with LF, and like to be able to (pretend to) control the DOF without using ND filters.

35mm I hardly ever use. Mostly Ektachrome when I do...

MF I use FP4+ and PanF, occasionally Konica IR 750 and EFKE R25.

LF takes FP4+ and MACO IR 820c. I also use MACO ORT 25 and Agfa APX100 in 9x12cm.

Most of this is developed in Pyrocat-HD. EFKE films give great results with Neofin Blue (Beutler's). If I don't want stain, I will probably use D23 with Borax afterbath ("split") since I must have shot a very high contrast scene to want to avoid the stain.
For many years I used only FP4+ in Ilfosol S, the "figure study" was done with that on 6x4.5. Enlarging to 11x14" I am unable to find grain to focus on...