Don't ask that question of an Aussie...

It's ridiculous when, even if you wanted to support your local shops, that you need very deep pockets.
I bought an inkjet printer earlier this year. B+H price $650. Adorama $700. Local australian RRP $1500, if you can even find it (consumer stores don't carry the Pro model I wanted). Even when B+H wanted $500 on top for shipping, I was about to pull the trigger when I saw it on sale at a local shop for $1100 and bought that one.

I buy all my film in bulk via ebay (from a guy in Sydney who buys straight from Japan), he sells a 5-pack of Velvia for about $50, 1.5-3x the price of a single roll in a shop (in the 3 or so shops you can find it within 1000km of here). It sounds bad, but I but a 5-pack for less than twice the $32/roll at
But when I do run out there's a local shop who aren't so bad, $14 a roll. He's selling it below what the local Fuji rep sells it to him, he said Fuji wanted $18 a roll wholesale. Needless to say, he also buys it direct from Japan now too.