yep--I feel your pain. that new polycontrast was great for machine processing. I think it's the best RC paper made for this type of thing--we switched from polymax, to polymaxII then to ilford, and then back to polyIV when it came out. Now, I'm looking at a few cases of poly IV left, and I know I'm going to miss it when we go back to Ilford again.....there ain't no point in stockpiling it though, since it will run out sooner or later.

but unless you use a machine with an activator soln., you should be able to use about any b/w rc paper. I said it on another thread though--if you still use a royalprint, you're screwed. I haven't kept up with the dev-incorp papers though, so it could be there's another one out there someplace.It wouldn't surprise me.