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Also there is development in bath A with this 2 bath formula so the time and temperature in bath A is important here. Test it out yourself or see the formula for D23 if you doubt me.
This is an important point. The TD formula is a 'D-23 variant + alkali B bath' formula, not a true divided formula.

Reducing the sulfite in bath A to say 50g might increase "sharpness" slightly (actually sharpness will be little affected but graininess would increase slightly which may give make things appear a little sharper). Time/agitation in bath A could be extended to compensate for any lost contrast. This would be a similar adjustment to the Dalzell modification of Stoeckler's.

Alternatively, the pH of bath B could be increased, and the time in bath B shortened. The faster development in bath B would mean less solvent effect.

Experimentation would be required in any case.