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Batteries are not really an issue. Anybody using hearing aids (except me!) will have no trouble finding the much-vaunted "button cell batteries" for any spotmeter that needs them.
1 spot meters are very, very, very accurate when you know what you are doing with them e.g. at a base leel, highlights, shadow, mid-tones, average of all of them and additional compensation for filtration etc (critical for polarisers). Your metering technique will get a solid workout (you might even lose a few hairs...) using transparency film which is less forgiving of mistakes than neg film, but is really an excellent way of mastering spot metering.
+1, a spot meter in the hands of someone who has little understanding of the principals of exposure is a recipe for disaster, many beginners get the impression by remarks they read in on line forums that spot meters the magic bullet, and they are very disappointed when they buy one because their exposures are worse not better.