So I lent my SRT Super (which was in user condition, but did have the 1.5 battery conversion) with 50/1.7 lens to a family so their daughter could use it for frosh year photography in high school. They returned it over the weekend and it now has the following issues it did not have when I lent it:

Lens wobbles in the mount

Strap lug on one side broken off and gone

Dent on front of camera

Dent on back of camera

ASA/ISO dial no longer turns, so stuck on 400

Replaced battery cover, they lost it and got a new one. It doesn't quite fit

My plan was to have my daughter use it for her photography class this semester, but it isn't really usable now.

They didn't say anything when they gave it to me, but bought my wife and I dinner as a "thank you" they said.

What would you do?