This is rather saddening.

Assuming for the moment that the parents didn't know about the damage (probably a safe assumption???), this seems like a reflection of the disposable culture the young girl has experienced her entire life. What 14 yo today is accustomed to treasuring a precision object with the expectation that her kids/grandkids will also use/treasure it? Even the most valuable item in her life (iPhone?) is understood to be disposable.

Nothing lasts.

Why should she care?


Anyway, what to do? Its a $100 camera. They bought you dinner. Hard to say if that was a "Thanks for letting Suzy-Q borrow the camera" or a "Sorry Suzy-Q busted up your camera" dinner. In any case, I guess I'd talk to one of the parents about it and make sure they understand what happened. I know if it were one of my daughters, I'd want to know.