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First, I can't afford anything in the B&H catalogue. So, searching e-bay, I'm attracted to the Minolta "F" because it uses "AA" batteries. I see some Pentax Spot Meter V on the "Bay", but I wonder what kind of battery availability. Looks like it takes the old "button" batteries that have been discontinued requiring some kind of adaptation. I've seen a Soligor listed at attracive prices, but what about quality and battery type. I see a Honeywell Pentax 1/21 at a low price, but I'm leary of the battery situation. So, I'd appreciate your advice. I want to try "Zone System" exposure, so I think I need reflective rather than incident. I think the 1 degree spot is required to pick out the specific areas for metering. Looks like the Soligor is the least expensive, but what are the drawbacks? Is the Pentax V a low cost because of the batteries? What would be a current production battery choice? I currently use Wein Cell batteries with an adapter for my HiMatic 7s. Maybe there's a similar solution for the Pentax V?

Thank you all for your input.

I thought the guy who did the zone system only had a Weston meter with a large acceptance angle?