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They had to know. How could they not know?

Hi, again. I would not automatically assume this.... young teens are very clever at hiding their mistakes. Also, unless taught otherwise, many of them will try their best to protect their interest before anyone else's. (ie. not get yelled at and lose their own money) Taking responsibility is a trait that must to be taught, not born with. That's why I said it could be a teaching moment.

I live in front of a wonderful family. One of them (a kid) busted my window by mistake. That night, both parents brought him over to me to apologize, not just "sorry" but really apologize for his mistake. AND, parents made sure the kid paid for it out of his allowance. I'm quite impressed with this family. The child is now a fine young adult.

Having said that, it's a $100 loss. The choice is entirely yours.