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Here is some interesting news from Georg Thaler from Lomography in Vienna:

Hi Steven

Thanks for reply. Glad you like the shots.

Regarding the source of this film I can tell you one thing, Afga is not making it and itís really easy in handling, every Lab will be able to process it easily.

Producing sheets and/or special film size like 127 is not planned yet. This is something we might consider a bit later, once we have fed the market with more common formats.

Thanks for forwarding the Ferrania NL, Iím on their mailing-list as well. We are really amazed about this sign of life from Italy. We are very looking forward to get some of their resumed films in some month and letís see if there will be a cooperation later again.

Supply of our purple films is on schedule. You should get the rolls within the next 1-2 weeks.

Thank you & Kind Regards from superhot Vienna,



lomographic society international

hollergasse 41

1150 vienna




Oh good now we can all call him on the phone

So it sounds like it's not Ferrania or AGFA (afga? haha) so then who else? Could just be fuji... they sell a lot of fuji film on the site already... And what are piggies? I lost all my piggies on lomography but I didn't even know what the heck they were ... and I couldn't find on the site where it even explains that... lol