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None of the above companies have purchased any equipment from Efke.

Inoviscoat is not interested in becoming again what they emerged from. They want to run their coating and develop new products to be coated, ideally not from the photographic field. Most of their photographic products are converted and sold by us. Some specialty products are also coated for other customers.

We (ADOX) are by now a full converting company capable of converting film in 35mm, 120 and sheetfilms as well as paper and chemistry.
We can also produce photographic chemistry, emulsions and do sample coatings.

No, they donīt.

Great info. Glad to hear about you fully cutting sheet film, really excited about the upcoming new products.

Would you, can you, PLEASE look into producing E-6 chemistry kits for home use, especially in the USA market? not 3 bath kits but proper 6(7 stabilizer) bath kits? PLEASE, there's only one kit and it's a 3 bath kit that has a blix which goes off quick and doesn't always remove all the silver... so this is something we desperately need here, fuji stopped shipping their kits here, and kodak pulled out a long time ago from their home kits. If you can that would be the best thing EVER! Also thanks for continuing to keep Adonal (Rodinal) around, it's my favorite developer and I always make sure to buy the ADOX brand when I buy it.

Starting to like ADOX as much as Ilford [not saying ilford is in any way better of a company, I mean that this communication you're giving is what Ilford has been showing us (customers) and it really gives us a sense of stability and further interest in keeping a company alive and investing in their products] Good communication and support from the company to it's customers is a huge selling point in this market, so thanks, you're doing a great job!