Understood. So I'd go back to my earlier post. As you know, TD 201 and most of these two-baths are based on some development in a solvent A bath followed by an alkali B bath to exhaust absorbed developer from the A bath. To get less solvent effect, increase the activity of either bath A or bath B, or both. Increasing the activity of bath A also raises contrast. Alternatively you could go to a low-sulfite, true divided developer where there is little to no development in bath A. The danger there is excessively low contrast, and it can sometimes be difficult to achieve uniformity.

Another thing you could try is decreasing both the Metol and sulfite in bath A with different times. I'm suggesting this because the Metol salt itself is acidic.

Perhaps the easiest thing to start with would be to simply reduce the sulfite to say 50g/L in bath A, and extend the time in bath A (or add some alkali). Perhaps this will have enough of an effect. Difficult to say. There are many variables here. And it also goes without saying you'd have to evaluate things like film speed as you go.