My Agfa Isolette III arrived from Jurgen today. What a treat! Its just perfect!

He put on a new bellows (red, at my request) that looks awesome. Mechanically it feels like a Swiss watch... or maybe a German camera. Everything is smooth and precise.

I ran a roll of FP4 through it this afternoon. That was a joy. I decided to try shooting without a meter. Just used my best guess as I went. And focusing with an uncoupled rangefinder was a new thing for me as well.

Got home and dunked the roll. At first glance, the negatives look great (I'm yet to get all my enlarging kit put together, so that's as far as I got tonight).

This is another step in my return to film, and I'm in love. The manual nature of these cameras is making me look and see and think like I haven't in years.

Just had to share my good day!