Working two jobs, one photo related (teaching) the other a summer weekend gig, and hoping for whatever freelance event stuff that pops up through word of mouth. I roll and develop my black and white film, I rarely shoot color and when I do, I send out for develop only to keep costs down. I try to buy short date or expired films if the right deal pops up, usually the slower stuff. Have my own darkroom to print in. Pretty much all my gear was bought used, many times bought broken to be fixed by myself to use, not show pieces at all. I haven't sold any of my prints (though I have never tried to), I make them for myself, and to give to friends and family. Not sure anyone would buy them anyway, mostly street. It's been though to hack it so far, not many jobs such as assisting that are not internships, and analog/darkroom jobs seem to be nonexistent.