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Cactus? hmm I don't remember that ... haha

However I don't know about the RB but the RZ does have a hot shoe yes, and it fires all the way up to the max shutter speed of 1/400 synced to the flash with no issues.
Oh wow. I should have read more about the RZ then! Even though I prefer a fully manual camera, I can still fire off-camera flash on my Nikon FG with a remote trigger. This would be a handy feature to have on the RB!

Re-reading your post, I think ill have some more questions on the RZ! :-D

P.s. Meant this below; Are the cactus and pocket wizards different brands? Not very brand aware on this, sorry!


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Fourth, I also use my pocket wizards to fire off the RZ67 Pro II camera with studio strobes, it works great, BUT you MUST buy the NEW pocket wizard Plus III because the Plus II version isn't oriented correctly and gets in the way of the focusing knob on the body of the RZ. There's one work around, if you own the canon or nikon specific pocket wizards and got that little "interference" in between adapter thing, it's a small piece of metal and plastic that extends the height of the hot shoe slightly (and prevents interference if you add an on camera flash on top of your pocket wizard) anyway this little piece will extend the Plus II high enough that you can attach it properly, that's what I used until I switched to the Plus III system and realized I didn't need the stupid connector anymore (thank goodness I was always misplacing it).

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