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Oh wow. I should have read more about the RZ then! Even though I prefer a fully manual camera, I can still fire off-camera flash on my Nikon FG with a remote trigger. This would be a handy feature to have on the RB!

Re-reading your post, I think ill have some more questions on the RZ! :-D

P.s. Meant this below; Are the cactus and pocket wizards different brands? Not very brand aware on this, sorry!


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I don't see the word "cactus" anywhere in the text that I typed, sorry, still confused, and I've never heard of cactus brand...

As far as your nikon, you can still use the pc x-sync to fire your flash on the RB, it's a small metal round hole, you can buy an attachment "hot shoe" that connects to it with a wire, it's how everyone used to use a flash before they were integrated into the camera's body.

Go to a camera store and they should have one... they look like this...