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I grew up in an area of the Western U.S. that received less than 10 inches of rain annually, officially a desert by climatological classification. Yet the easy access of water from state irrigation projects allowed it to flourish as the breadbasket (more accurately "fruitbowl") of the nation. The profligate use of imported water allowed its residents, agriculturalists or not, to use water in ways of which I have been made increasingly sensitive.
So that madness of letting water into arid areas for farming is a global malaise. Wonder if I should be thrilled to know or apprehensive!!

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Here in the West, the maxim has always been, "Whiskey's for drinkin', water is for fightin' over".
Bwahaha. That just made my day!(out here, fights between state govt over water have been quite timely and about as routine as the monsoons)

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Ralph's comment, sincere or not, represents a massive failure of our teachers and leaders – political, religious, whatever – to communicate the importance of a finite resource, critical to the survival of everyone anywhere on the the planet we all share.
Hmm. I think it's something to do with a more modern way of living where we don't really pay the full costs and most of it is hidden.

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