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That guy knew exactly what he was doing, even if he used a ouija board to 'read' a scene. Or guesstimating, as he sometimes did. Truth be told, Adams, owned several meters including a spot meter.
I do appreciate he might well have been a better photographer than me (or thee), but for some interval he had to wait for his colleague/coworker Weston to do him a photo meter, and include a zone system calculator on it, and then a further interval before commercial spot meters were available...

I still use a Weston II or III neither of these ever needs a battery on Sunday, and I dont think either have been serviced yet, I have a collection of Weston Vs that need refurbed BTW... The II & IIIs are ever so cheap in our street market stalls... 20 GBP typically with case and invercone sets. They are all within 1/3 of a stop of each other from bright to needle movement...

I dont bother with any of the stick on templates as the poster above uses. a note where zone 1 is is sufficient.

But If you feel you need a spot meter, I suggest you need to read his books again. If he could use a Weston ok then so can you.

If you are gong to pack a spot, then I'd pack a Weston II as a secondary calibration, I pack one with a K1000.