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It's long overdue, my head starts spinning each time this topic comes up and I end up NOT KNOWING what I am currently using myself.
R09, Adonal, Rodinol, Calbe, Adox, AGFA

haha, yea I felt like that until I learned that Adox had bought the patent a few years ago and at least could feel confident that Adonal was probably the closest, and this confirmed it, he said 3 years ago he couldn't say that others weren't using the same formula for sure (so I assume there were some patent things going around allowing others to make the exact formula as Adox was or something to that effect, who knows) but now, for sure, ADOX Adonal is the ONLY true Rodinal formula

They also have the "Old Rodinal" which is the formula from before my mother was born (pre 1950's), I've always been curious to try it, but no one can tell me the difference... haha