Are you looking at film or paper development? If film, which film? Certain developer/film combinations work better than others.

If you are just looking for any good developer, the easiest is probably to make some for yourself. You can make parodinal from paracetamol (pain killer) capsules, sodium sulphite and potassium hydroxide. It stretches very far, and lasts a long time. One can use the chemicals one buys in the supermarket or hardware stores too, but lab grade is more reliable. Another alternative, using instant coffee, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and washing soda, is Caffenol. If you can get hold of metol or phenidone, there are a host of yet other possibilities. The internet (and APUG) is awash with developer formulas, you just have to look.

For fixer, it is slightly more difficult, but still entirely possible to make your own. If I am correct, some of my chemicals come from Alfa Aesar, made in India. If so, I'll see if I can find contact details on the packaging. A basic formula uses ammonium thiosulphate, sodium sulphite, acetic acid, boric acid and potassium alum. All of those are cheap and readily available, as they aren't only used for photography. Some are even available in supermarkets. Sodium thiosulphate is mentioned in older formulas, but is not the best choice for modern films. It is best to make as much as you will use up in say three to four months. The dry chemicals can be stored indefinitely.

Alternatively you could find out whether Ilford or Kodak have local agents. You may also order via mail from Maco Direct, Ag Photographic etc. Liquids may be sent as long as the packaging does not exceed 1 liter. For powders, things are more complicated, and you may find some of the more useful chemicals on the restricted list. Dimezone S is a prime example. Even getting 10 g from overseas is a daunting task. Crazy if you ask me.

I hope this doesn't seem overwhelming. It is best to start out with commercial products, but if they are unavailable or very expensive, then home-mixing is a very viable alternative. In addition, it is rewarding and adds to the fun.