I've been looking for a 2x3 view camera for some time now. I've been mainly looking at Ebony's and Arca Swiss cameras, but have given the Shen-Hoa a look too. I'm looking for a small view camera to travel with. Something I will use to shoot landscapes and architecture (nothing extreme), and still life. I would like to use focal lengths equivalent in 35mm to 28, 50, and something longer. I want something strong and tough, that will last a lifetime.

I have found an Ebony 23s for $1600. The Arca Swiss F line looks fantastic but is well out of my price range at 4k +. There is one of ebay now for $2800. Even the Ebony cameras brand new are a bit expensive.

Anyone have any thoughts on the Ebony 2x3's? Ease of use, durability, amount of movements, etc? And also, how it compares to the Shen-Hoa 2x3 or other 2x3's.