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Ok when you reference a product that someone else hasn't mentioned, you should make it clear that you're talking about some other brand.
As I said, I mis-read and confused (mistook) one brand for another. Don't think I could be clearer on that! :-P

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These statements are not meant to sound angry, I'm just often direct, so please don't read this the wrong way, you're doing fine, obviously new, very anxious (I probably sound like this to a lot of people here) but try and google some of this stuff before you ask, in fact, try and learn more about this stuff before you buy an expensive camera that you're not sure how to use HAHA And READ YOUR RB67 MANUAL!! If you had you wouldn't have asked about the x-sync or other questions.

Haha, thanks! Neither anxious nor new to Google, my questions were actually more on the RZ v RB(specifically as you had an RZ), and the manual really wouldn't have helped there! :-P

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