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Reliable/ consistent
The OP states reliable/consistent! With that criteria in mind the best of the best for the developer side has to be Diafine developer. So simple even a Chimpanzee(close cousin of mine) could use it, lasts until the cows come home, usually increases film speed slightly(works good for long exposure night shots), comes in powder form(should ship no problem), works with most films out there, works over a wide range of temperatures, can develop hundreds of rolls? and gives very nice consistent results with little trouble for printing or scanning. Diafine is a very good developer for somebody that doesn't shoot much since it lasts forever. It might not be for everybody, but it could be.
Fixer would be less trouble picking and Kodak, Ilford, Sprint in that order along with many others should be just fine.
Thank you, I shall try looking for that. Ilford doesnt have a powder fixer does it? (I generally run with ilford films, so would prefer their chemistry). And especially the ease of usage bit!