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It doesn't get any more proven than D-76 and Professional Fixer from Kodak. For decades, photographers have relied on these two. Unless damaged, the foiled bag these products come in will keep them fresh well beyond the stamped date.

Can you not buy them in stores other than eBay? For you, what's most reliable may be, the stuff you can actually buy locally, regardless of what it might be.
Tried a couple of non-ebay stores, experience was mixed to say the least.

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If you have to get them shipped from a western country, it would be hard to go past these two, unless you could get developer in tins (as Acufine was, and may still be).

I notice that there is a photo club in Bangalore. Perhaps there are some black and white photographers there who could help.
Am part of one, and I have had mixed results from the chemicals recommended, so!

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For fixer, if you are able to find someone who supplies chemicals to labs that process colour films (C-41) and colour photographic prints (RA-4) you can use that fixer for black and white as well.
Not really. Its mostly chemical supplies for X-rays labs. In fact one of the fixer/developer combos I have is just that, manufactured locally.