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Thank you, I shall try looking for that. Ilford doesnt have a powder fixer does it? (I generally run with ilford films, so would prefer their chemistry). And especially the ease of usage bit!
With powder fixer your best bet is Kodak, but you should have a distributor for Ilford in India I would think? You can even watch eBay for somebody cleaning out their darkroom and selling unopened Diafine, which should be excellent since they are in tins(cans). Last ones went for 19.95 and that's lot of developer for the money. I still believe it to be one of the best developers for Kodak Tri-X ever made and I used ISO 1000 or ISO 1250 all the time with near perfect results.
Now I use mainly Pyrocat-HD, Rodinal and home-brewed Microdol-X, but still have my Diafine in the darkroom and if I fine any Tri-xkthat's what I'll use. Oh, I thing D76 can still be found in cans to make 5L.