I use two LPL enlargers set up next to each other - the condenser uses the multigrade filters and the colour enlarger is the dichroic type. Both give pretty similar results on the church print after adjusting exposure length. The scans came from the colour enlarger and I might try and reprint them with a few grades in between 1/2 and 1 using the dial-in filtration. I might just check all the drop-in filters though as they were a second-hand buy.

"The scans are a bit hit and miss - what you describe seeing on screen is kind of what I've got on the physical print." - from my previous post, I was trying to say (rather badly) that the effect you describe is correct but not as extreme as saying that the contrast is really low. On the print where I would like it to be black it's a very dark grey, and the highlight on the clouds doesn't quite reach paper white - same with the picture of my baby girl (chairback in the top left corner and highlights from the window next to her).

I'm pretty confident that with a little less development I'm going to be able to get a more controllable final print and get the midtones that I'm looking for.

Thanks for taking the time to reply and for the suggestions.

Best wishes,