As long as I can remember some favorite film or paper disappeared from the market. Seemed to happen just about every time I learned to master that particular product. Nothing's new. ... just Murphy's law. Make intelligent choices and realize that no matter what you do, you'll
just have to adapt anyway. I've sometimes overreacted myself, and before the stockpile of my favorite film or paper in the freezer was ever
used up, a better product came along anyway. Create a vacuum and someone will eventually fill it. But if you really want to scream doomsday,
guess we could always bring up the ole Cold War scenario - a nuke world war, and then all your film and paper will be fogged anyway, and
you won't need a safelight in the darkroom, cause you'll glow yourself. ... and all those cute digi cellphone devices won't work either, but
for once nobody will care, cause they'll all be dead.... unless a asteroid collision kills us all off first... or an Ebola epidemic, or a bacterially
contaminated pizza.....