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The momentum of our times is to simply ignore one's wrongdoing and hope to get away with it. People, today, are adept at covering their tracks and acting with complete 'innocence'. It is quite amazing how parents seem to not only accept such thinking but also tacitly approve of it. The 'worst' one can do is ADMIT guilt. The lack of genuine sincerity in today's culture is profound and I find the ones 'excusing such behavior to mere ignorance' as adding to the problem. We are taught such omission by our plastic culture of 'me, me, and more me'. Sorry to sound so pseudo-psychological but it is true.

And with everything from cyclists who hit pedestrians and simply ride off to what the OP experienced, the lack of responsiblilty, today, is omnipresent. Again, sorry for ruffling feathers here but I would rather be publicly condemned than not admit this: today children are taught not to do bad because 'they will get caught' instead of the old-school way of not doing wrong because that, in and of itself, it wrong. In the first instance, children quickly develop a way around getting caught and, by inference, are thus OK with the wrongdoing if effectively consummated because ethics was not even mentioned to the little darlings. (No, I am not a child hater!)

Do not lend. Period. That is a nasty admission to make about human relationships but, believe me, you will stay friendlier with such people (even with that demonstrated caveat) after the negative reaction wears off. Better to be somewhat distant and cool with people rather than overly friendly and living the life of making believe you are not a perpetual victim. Glad I said that (despite the inevitable reactions). - David Lyga
There were a lot of people like that when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s too!